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Get low interest rates for almost any purpose

In the UK personal secured loans offer rock-bottom interest rates because you provide security – usually your home. A secured personal loan is like a mortgage in that it often has a variable interest rate, but unlike mortgages you can use it for almost any purpose.

In the UK personal secured loans – often advertised as homeowner loans – can be used for almost any purpose, and because you provide security (usually your home) the lender rewards you with a lower interest rate. Many UK personal secured loans are for large amounts over long periods, and in such cases the interest rate is often variable. That means that if interest rates rise, so will your repayments.
Shopping for UK personal secured loans isn't dramatically different from shopping for any other kind of loan: you need to compare APRs from different lenders and look for small print such as penalties for early repayments or options such as payment holidays, where you can skip payments for a few months. For larger loans it's worth looking for fixed rate loans, which are slightly more expensive than variable rate ones but which give you the peace of knowing that if rates rise, your repayments won't. helps you find the best loans companies for your specific needs, and gives you background information on the various types of loans available in our loans articles, more loans articles and still more loans articles.

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