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Cut your monthly repayments by bringing your borrowing together

Consolidated loans are a good way to reduce your monthly outgoings: instead of paying several different loans each month, you combine them all and make a single monthly repayment. Consolidated loans are a particularly good idea if your existing loans have high interest rates.

Consolidated loans can make a big difference to the state of your finances if you already have a number of outstanding loans. By replacing multiple loans with a single consolidated loan your monthly payments will be lower, and if you're facing crippling credit card debt it's a particularly good way to sort out your finances.
If your existing loans came with hefty APRs, consolidated loans could save you a packet thanks to today's ultra-low interest rates. You'll also find that because lenders offer lower APRs the more you borrow, combining several little loans into a single larger loan could mean you're offered a very low APR – which means over the long term you'll pay considerably less for your cash.
Is there a catch? Yes: when you replace existing loans with consolidated loans, you're effectively starting from scratch, so while your monthly repayment will be lower than for your existing loans, you'll usually be repaying the loan for a longer period of time. However if you're having trouble making ends meet then consolidated loans are a sensible solution. helps you find the best loans companies for your specific needs, and gives you background information on the various types of loans available in our loans articles, more loans articles and still more loans articles.

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