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Turn to the Internet for the very best deals

The cheapest personal loans probably don't come from your bank. A new breed of online operators offers exceptionally low borrowing rates, and the high street lenders are getting in on the act too with online-only special offers. More than ever before, it pays to shop around.

If you want to find out about the cheapest personal loans, don't ask at the local branch of your bank: in some cases, even the big-name banks will give you a cheaper loan if you apply online. Then there's the new breed of online-only operations such as Egg and Smile, which offer very low rates and reasonably friendly service. Best of all, when you look for the cheapest personal loans on the Internet you don't have to deal with people whose commission payments depend on you choosing their product, even if it's not the right product for you.
The cheapest personal loans are designed for low risk customers, which usually means people with a good credit rating, steady income and a permanent UK address. If you've got more unusual requirements or you've made a mess of your finances in the past, the sites offering the cheapest personal loans may not want to deal with you; however, there are plenty of specialist brokers who will be happy to lend you cash, albeit at slightly higher interest rates. helps you find the best loans companies for your specific needs, and gives you background information on the various types of loans available in our loans articles, more loans articles and still more loans articles.

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